this is how all started…

I grew up in Barcelona, Spain surrounded by flour, pastries and bread in the early eighties. My family run a bread business back home. Little I knew years later I would trade the bread for a turmeric latte……..

As a baker' s daughter I was raised eating plenty of gluten and wheat. Since I was seven I lived with painful digestions, joint pain , psoriasis, inflammation, daily diarrhea, anxiety and headaches. 
No doctor could give us a right diagnosis. 
I remember my return back to school from summer break with my skin covered with psoriasis and how I felt. 
I was tested for celiacs many times and because the tests came negative I was sent home with a bunch of pills and creams that would obviously not fix my discomfort. Based on their understanding I either had celiacs and could not eat gluten or I didn't. 
As I grown older, I was determined that to get to the bottom of my problem. I realized that in order to heal I had to reinvent the way I ate, think, and how I overall lived life. For this reason I decided to study Holistic Nutrition. Answers and aha moments happened in a weekly basis. I soon quit gluten, read labels, eliminated processed sugars , limited grains, exercised regularly and starting meditating.
My symptoms disappeared and the change was so drastic than in matter of days my body and mind were functioning like a clock. It was clear to me that the food we eat have a great positive or negative impact in our physical and emotional health. 
My clarity and energy were back and no longer I had to run to the lulu!
I decided to quit my dancer's career and preach what I lived…….

Then motherhood came and if you are a mom you know how intimidating and overwhelming might feel to come out with healthy and tasty meals to feed your little ones on a daily basis while having time to get the rest done right?…My kids changed my world and the way I eat. They have helped me simplify the way I cook and prioritize quality time. They challenge me to keep creating nutrient dense recipes in a short time and share with other mamas ways to feed healthy and delicious meals to their families in a realistic and convenient way!! My motto is, why be perfect if you can be REAL !!

Honestly, nothing brings me more joy than sharing what I love doing with families on my community. Feeding our kids and families is not light work. Life gets on the way and If you don’t love cooking it might feel like a total chore. But hey mama, would you please trust me to share what I love doing with you?

Why I choose this career path?
Because I wanted to have a job that wasn't different than my life. 
My job became second nature and by living my truth I could guide others to so the same! 

I don't believe in dieting or deprivation or tags rather in crowding out your meals with delicious unprocessed whole foods like nature intended us to eat. Incorporate whole foods and nutrient dense foods and simply make them part of your lifestyle and daily choices. Make gradual changes for success! 
There is always a healthier choice out there for every food.

I am thrilled to share with you deliciously healthy ways to prepare meals that the entire family will love!
Either you are a vegetarian, vegan, you follow a paleo diet or eat a bit of everything my recipes and educational cooking training recipes can be easily adjusted to match your dietary preferences and needs. 

What is Holistic Nutrition?
Holistic nutrition is about consciously eating healthy foods that promote vibrant physical and mental health, while supporting a strong immune system and preventing disease.

With love, respect and appreciation,

Maite, Brian, Eleonor and our wee Oliver

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